Our son

Our son is so good with cleaning up after himself. It’s really true that if you teach them young, they will pick up good habits and carry it on into their adult hood. Or at least you hope. Since he was about 4 years old, I taught him how to put his own dishes in the dishwasher, and clean off his own plate. Supervised of course. Now that he’s only 7 years old, he enjoys cleaning and we don’t make it a chore like going to a consolidation loans for bad credit meeting, more of a privelidge, it’s amazing what that outlook does for their mind, they don’t have to clean, they get to clean.

Naval Oranges

I prefer naval oranges over the other kinds, I don’t even know how many other kinds there are out there, here are some videos I found though. I just know that I got regular oranges at the grocery store last week and they were pretty good. I ran out of my regular oranges and decided to pick up some naval oranges and give them a try. I’m sure glad we did. They seem to be much more juicy than the regular ones. I think we’ve found our favorites at our office at merit based scholarships.


Swimming is such good excersise, when we buy a house, it would be nice to have an indoor pool, or at least a heated, covered pool outside. I took some time over the weekend to go swimming as a work out instead of the gym, it was a good change. It’s heated which makes it a little more comfortable and bearable when it’s cooler outside. You get to work out your muscles in your legs, muscles in your arms, and you get a good cardio workout, about as good of a work out as finding a good credit card consolidation loans company you can trust.


Going to the gym has made a huge impact on my life and the way I feel about myself. I used to be told that I should go to the gym, that with my body make up, it would do me good. I was always active, and always small but never really had the push to workout. I would water ski, jet ski, ride my bike, even walk, but I didn’t really want to go to a gym. Now that i’m older, i’m not sure what’s happened but, I pushed myself into joining a gym and I couldn’t be happier. Much happier than when I finished my debt consolidation loans bad credits course.  It’s very comfortable and you get to work out in the air conditioning. And, the results are incredible.


The sandwich is overlooked a lot I think. I think I’ve even overlooked it over the years. I think what happens is we have had so many sandwiches over the years packed into our lunch that possibly we get older and refuse to eat them. I am not sure if that is really the case but it seems that way. I have just recently decided to go back to sandwiches, of course, more adult flavors, more so than the usual peanut butter and jelly, don’t get me wrong, an occasional peanut butter and honey is very good. But, I’ve started to buy lunch meats and cheese, they are so good, and you end up saving quite a bit overall.  Now, if it were only free like free money for college than we’d all be set.


It rains quite a bit here in the summer time, we like watching the storms roll by. Of course, we don’t like hearing the thunder and seeing the lightning when we are outside in it, that is a different story of course. But, they are fun to watch from a safe distance. Otherwise we’d be wackier than wacky scholarships trying to stand outside in one of those storms.  We saw some riding over the bridge the other day that were absolutely incredible. Here are some videos I hope you like on the subject.


Have you seen some one blow glass before? It’s amazing, check out these videos on it I found today.

And this one

This one is cool, I found this one while I was searching on a credit debt pop up.

Take Care

I think it’s really great that they are so into taking care of themselves. It seems that more and more people are health conscious today, more and more. It is really nice to see the restaurants offer more healthy menus and items that are lower in calories and fat. It’s nice to be able to bring our children to the local eatery and have better options for them to choose with their kids meals. I just cannot express how grateful we are. Just as grateful as getting merit based scholarships back in our college days.  I remember when we were kids going to fast food joints, they only offered fattening items, and you could super size them to boot! I’m really glad to see our youth have a more conscious thought on being healthy.

Animal Care

It’s worth it to get advise from others when it comes to your animals health care. I think you should at least check a place out at least once before you form an opinion. The Vet we tried out today, we would not have gone if it were just based on the first phone call we made there. The receptionist who answered the first time we called was pretty rude and interrupted me when I was asking her a few simple standard questions. We almost didn’t go but we had heard similar reviews on their reviews page online that once they got past the receptionist, all seemed to be well. So, we gave it a chance, and we are happy. It was as easy as getting easy scholarships for the kids.  It is about 45 minutes from our house but they have the most fair rates around and do not charge you for an office visit just to give shots.


I don’t really understand people that collect a crazy amount of items. I have a friend that collects pigs. He has pig plate, pig blankets, pig rugs, pic collectors items. He has clothes, shoes, wall paper. Anything that has to do with pigs, he has it. I understand liking something, but I’m not sure how someone gets to the point where it’s taking over there house. Nothing else but that one item that they like to collect. Here are some videos I found interesting online about the issue. What point do you call it an issue and how do you know if it’s just a hobby. I guess it depends on the person, is it taking over there lifestyle, are they not paying attention to their family over this love for whatever it is. Are they spending more money than they have to pay their bills? No one call really do anything about it but the person with the issue.  Here’s a really cool video of someone that has collected pigs and is doing great.  Perhaps my friend should start collecting money to consolidate credit card debt he’s racked up from buying all the pigs stuff.

Public Speaking

I really really really do not like public speaking.  This really brings me back to my younger years when I was in FBLA which is Future Business Leaders Of America.  It was a program in which I went to High School for part of the day, then the remainder of the day, I went to work, in the business world, I worked for a Bank at the time.  Before we passed the class we were told we had to write an essay about business what we wanted to do in our life, and how to get a scholarship etc.  Not that that wasn’t bad enough but we actually had to get in front of an auditorium, not just in front of people in our school but several schools.  I really don’t think that experience helped me.  If anything, I think it made my fear of public speaking worse.


I don’t think I really like musicals anymore, It depends on what It is I guess.  I was bored from my quick scholarships research and I came across a movie that looked very interesting.  Imsn started watching it and then it happened…they started singing and dancing.  I mean, I think back to the wizard of oz days and I didn’t mind it then so much.  What is it now?  More cheesiness?  Maybe my tastes have changed as I’ve gotten older.  Perhaps I need to do an experiment and watch the wizard of oz this evening and see if I feel any different about it.  Wow, I really must be bored.  I’ll check back in to let you know my thoughts at a later time.



Wow, isn’t this ironic, so, my son has a school essay to write about how to get out of credit card debt for economics.  The kicker?  I’m in credit card debt myself and trying to figure it out.  Thankfully, I don’t have to tell him about my troubles.  And, thankfully there are many resources out there to help me help him with this project.  Whew, I’m not sure what they did back in the day when a kid had such a difficult subject to write about and didn’t have the internet to help them search for the answers.  I guess that’s when a phone call was made all around town to ask for the advise.

Magic Tricks

Magic tricks are so much fun!  We went to a party last week for our sons friends birthday and they had a magician at the party.  He was doing all kinds of tricks, including pulling a rabbit out of a hat.  I still get stumped on how they do some of their tricks, especially the ones where they make something disappear.  I wish my debt consolidation loans bad credit pay back would disappear.  Such is life.  I guess that would take more than a magician for that.  So, I think when we have our daughters birthday next, we will hire a magician.  The kids seemed to really enjoy themselves and had a great time.

Yummy goodness

I am an avid food fanatic who cannot get enough.  My favorite food has to be Fettuccine Alfredo, hands down.  The yummy goodness of the sauce is awe inspiring, yummy yummy.  I could definitely eat about a pound and a half, I am sure of it, in one sitting

My body cannot however handle the side effects of all of these carbohydrates unfortunately.  I’m wondering what types of things I might find in an Anatomy and Physiology Study Guide on the effects that carbohydrates have on ones body?  Darn, how can I like something so very much that ends up being bad for me?

Anyway, I will take being healthy and have a lower weight than be unhealthy.  I will still make sure I fit in at least one plate of the deliciousness of Alfredo, whenever I get a chance :)

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